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  1. I love Springtime and all that this time of year epitomises. Its a time of fresh new life as nature works its wonder all around us.

    For me , its a time for continuing to build on the success of the last 6 years where I consider myself priveleged to have supported so many mums and their partners in gaining a real understanding of what labour and birth really are when you strip away fear and uncertainty. I get such a buzz from helping women to gain clarity and confidence about giving birth, about trusting their bodies and in letting their new-found knowledge and the relaxation and breathing techniques that they learn in our classes work for them.

    When the mind quietens and fears subside, getting in touch with your natural instincts during labour and birth happens all by itself.

    I'm putting some wonderful new birth stories on the testimonials page which really show that birth has its own timeframe and ebb-&-flow and how hypnobirthing respects that and helps you calmly and confidently embrace the process of giving birth whatever circumstances arise and no matter where you birth.  I hope you enjoy reading them and please get in touch if you would like to chat with me about how hypnobirthing and the courses that I teach may benefit you, your partner and your baby.