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All 3 couples in one of my August group classes have given birth to beautiful baby girls within a week of one another and all 3 used HypnoBirthing to welcome their babies, in different circumstances into the world.  The first birth was an incredible home water birth that astounded the midwives who witnessed it; the second was a calm, hospital HypnoBirth (the birthing pool was unavailable), the third a caesarean section yesterday due to baby being breech.  The fact that all three couples were able to rely on their breathing and relaxation techniques to create the perfect enviroment in which to bring their baby gently and calmly into the world is testament to the flexibility of HypnoBirthing even when birth plans change due to unforeseen circumstances.  This is the reason I teach this course - 3 couples brimming with confidence and able to give birth free from fear in an atmosphere of calm joyfulness that so many fail to experience.  Come along to one of my free taster session and enjoy finding out how HypnoBirthing can support you in getting the birth experience you deserve.

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