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final-Clare-purple-large   Why Choose Me?

"As a HypnoBirthing® mum myself ... I know how important it is to choose someone that you immediately feel comfortable with and who you can trust will teach the course to the highest standard and in a professional, responsible and caring manner....
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Our Birth Story

"Our own HypnoBirth in April 2010 so completely transformed my own experience of birth and that of my husband and my baby son that it inspired me to qualify to teach this incredible programme to others. Click  below to read more:
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 Our story
Why Choose Me?

As a HypnoBirthing mum myself I have been in your exact position (See My Birth Story below)  I really understand how important it is to attend HypnoBirthing® classes with someone that you feel comfortable  with and can trust will teach the course to the highest standard and in a professional, responsible and caring manner.

So, my honest pledge to you is that, as your HypnoBirthing practitioner, I will do everything possible to ensure that you really enjoy the classes, feel fully at ease and that you are completely comfortable with and confident about all parts of the programme as you learn and start practising the techniques.

My thorough knowledge and understanding of the HypnoBirthing course content has developed as a result of my own first-hand HypnoBirthing experience (see Our Birth Story-above right) as well as from the rigorous process of qualifying as a HypnoBirthing® practitioner with the HypnoBirthing® Institute.  As a HypnoBirthing mum who has experienced natural birth both with and without HypnoBirthing, I am able to give you a complete picture of how the programme works and give you helpful insights into how best to practise the techniques so that they become like second nature.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and cognitive behavioural therapist, I also have the all-important knowledge and skills to support my clients in overcoming any unhelpful and negative thought patterns & beliefs around birth and parenting.

I am a chartered member of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)  with more than 15 years in-depth experience as a Human Resources manager, creator, trainer and facilitator of adult learning programmes and as a coach and mentor of adults on a one-to-one basis in both public and private sector organisations in the UK. 

Such knowledge and experience serves to ensure that I can teach the HypnoBirthing® programme to you and your birth partner in a fun, enjoyable and informative way and that I am also able to fully support and guide you through the learning content in each class. 

Quite simply, the success of your birth preparation is so important to me as your practitioner. This is because everything that you learn on the programme together with the practise that you do are essential to helping you to go on and have a very positive experience of labour and birth.

As a final note of reassurance to you, I have taken the decision to teach HypnoBirthing® antenatal classes to mums-to-be and their birth partners in Rotherham, across South Yorkshire and even further afield purely because I feel so passionately about its ability to completely transform your birth experience.   Teaching the HypnoBirthing® programme to others in my local area is an absolute pleasure and privilege for me.  I really hope that my passion and enthusiasm together with the insights I can share of my own personal experience of it's proven benefits will help to make your own birth preparation even more enjoyable and effective.

I can't promise you a 'perfect' birth – nobody can do that. But, I can promise you a much, much more comfortable, relaxed and confident birth, being fully informed, supported and feeling much more in control.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Clare and Marie Mongan Clare with HypnoBirthing® founder,
Marie Mongan
HypnoBirthing Study Day, London


 Birth Freedom HypnoBirthing by Clare Moore
So, why the name?

I chose the name of Birth Freedom for my HypnoBirthing business because I believe that there is no greater gift that a mother  can give her baby and herself than to be free of all fears and negative associations about birth.

During the programme you will learn exactly how to bring your baby into the world calmly and gently whilst feeling empowered, energised and far more comfortable  throughout. 
For me, this is freedom in its truest sense.

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