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  1. It has been one of the longstanding bedrocks of the HypnoBirthing philosophy that a woman's due date is not an accurate predictor of when her baby is due. Furthermore, that, in the absence of any need for medical intervention to chemically induce labour, that mum's patience and nature's own timeframe is the best determinent of a baby's birthing date.

    Indeed, each woman's gestational period can differ by up to 37 days according to the first study of its kind to accurately measure the length of women's pregnancies.

    This appears to be contrary to the one-size-fits-all approach to chemically inducing labour at 42 weeks or before currently used by the NHS.

    Use of the HypnoBirthing relaxation and super-effective natural induction techniques, including those that soften and ripen the cervix ready for labour to start when mum's body and her baby are ready, are a highly effective way to maximise the likelihood of achieving a gentle,natural start to labour and birth. Thus, minimising the need for chemical induction at the standard 42 weeks which, if the cervix isn't ready for labour to start at the point it is implemented, may result in a highly intense and often very uncomfortable experience for mum and baby.  

    To read a related article recently published in the Daily Mail click on the following link:


  2. The press has been buzzing with growing speculation and persistent rumours, in the likes of OK magazine, the Daily Mail, BBC Radio 1 and Loraine Kelly's morning show that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is believed to be practising hypnobirthing techniques in preparation for the birth of her and Prince William's first baby.  As a result of increasing media interest I was asked to demystify hypnobirthing and its positive effects in a press interview for the Healthy Living section of the Sheffield Star newspaper.  The interview forms the basis of a double-page spread written and edited by journalist Richard Blackledge which was published today, 15th July 2013. 

    I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience to make more women aware of how HypnoBirthing- the Mongan Method, works simply and effectively to support women, birth partners and babies to have a much better pregnancy, labour, birth & introduction to parenting.

    Here's the article and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you do, please share this blog post and the following link with all your friends and acquaintences on your Facebook pages, Twitter, email, or phone text  etc  and lets help support UK women & babies in getting the kind of birth they truly deserve; natural, calm, gentle, confident and more comfortable.




  3. The press have widely reported that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are using the HypnoBirthing method to bring their first baby, and heir to the throne calmly and comfortably into the world.

    As a teacher of this amazing programme and as someone who has successfully used HypnoBirthing myself, it is uplifting to hear that HypnoBirthing may well be their chosen birth method. It is particularly exciting - and no surprise to those of us who have personal experience of its effects -  that, given that the Royal couple have direct access to the best care options and medical advice available, that this natural, gentle approach to labour and birth is believed to be their preference.

    With HypnoBirthing, severe pain does not have to accompany labour if breathing is taught correctly. You can also learn to release all of the fears and anxieties you may have, and if you have had a traumatic pregancy and birth previously accept that in all probablility it is unlikely to happen again. HypnoBirthing can help you to enjoy the pregnancy and experience the joy of giving birth.

    The following are examples of recent press reports on the Duchess and HypnoBirthing: