Massage heaven - a lifelong friend

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I love the phone call from mums or dads that tells me there has been another successful HypnoBirth experience. I got one last week that confirmed the power of a feather-light touch to the skin from  to get those endorphins released and mum on her way to relaxation heaven during advanced labour!  My mum excitedly confirmed that this was the tool that she most relied on throughout her labour and with it, she was able to experience the whole of her labour with no pain, only pressure. Now, that can only be described as one highly effective relaxation method!

This massage technique is one of many course highlights that you will learn in your HypnoBirthing classes and enjoy practising immensely in preparation for the birth.  In my experience both mums and birth partners benefit from being on the receiving end of this relaxation tool !

The great thing is you won't want to stop after the baby is born. It's one of the relaxation methods taught on the course that you can use any day and every day forevermore to relieve stress and tension in the body and to be able to instantly and deeply relax both mind and body.  Nothing better after a busy day of "doing"... the perfect way to just "be"!

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