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HypnoBirthing is the most effective ante-natal programme around for enabling your confidence about giving birth to skyrocket! 

The fear release techniques you will learn in the classes involve creating a state of deep relaxation to directly access your subconscious mind and its limiting beliefs and expectations about births.  Think of our limiting beliefs i.e. Birth is agony; Birth is scary; as table tops.  Our subconscious comprises 95% of our mind and governs our emotional response to any situation, including our fears and anxieties.  The conscious mind can only hold a handful of ideas at any one time.  If rationally we want birth to be a positive experience, but emotionally we have been conditioned to expect birth to be a traumatic experience, then you can imagine the power of this 95% to completely overcome the rational perspective of the 5% conscious part of our mind.  So how does HypnoBirthing help to change this situation?

Our fears and anxieties - the "why's" thatsupport our limiting beliefs based on past events or what information we have been exposed to during our life to date - form the table legs.  If we remove enough of the table legs, we are usually able to demolish the table-top. We can then create positive new beliefs or table-tops that are no longer fear-related.

Using self-hypnosis techniques, I will support mums to acknowledge their fears from a place of safety and follow a process of letting these fears go -releasing them from the subconscious mind, and with them, the limiting beliefs formed because of them.  I then help recreate a positive expectation and belief system about the birth in the subconscious mind, using empowering new reframes and suggestions.

This process is incredibly powerful and transformational.  It really is the catalyst for building your new confidence and trust in birth itself and in your body's ability to birth your baby gently and with ease.  A victory indeed for both mum and baby.

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