It's never too late - HypnoBirthing post 35 weeks

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For those ladies who discover HypnoBirthing late in pregnancy (35 weeks plus) and think it is too late to gain from its benefits, I want to completely reassure you... Provided you complete the classes before you give birth, you will still be in a position to experience the calm, gentle and much more comfortable birth that is associated with having a HypnoBirth. 

The breathing and relaxation techniques that you will learn are so so effective and easy to master and the knowledge about birth that you will gain from the classes alone will give you everything you need to have the kind of natural birth that you may be thinking isn't possible for you at this late stage.

I am often contacted from ladies who get one of my leaflets at NHS ante-natal classes and they contact me, feeling so disappointed and fully expecting me to confirm that they have found HypnoBirthing at too late a stage. Luckily, I am able to reassure them and go on to help them gain all the incredible benefits of HypnoBirthing in time for their baby's birth. 
I have no doubt that many ladies in this position don't even think it worthwhile contacting me at all!  They assume it is too late and so not worth pursuing.  I would shout this from the rooftops if I could:  This is absolutely not the case! If you ideally want a natural birth and HypnoBirthing sounds like the answer to your wishes, please get in touch by phone or email as soon as possible.  This way, I will be able to completely reassure you, answer your queries and work flexibly to help you start the course asap. Together we can ensure that you receive the full course over a very short timeframe to suit factors including your due date and availability. Whether over two days, five evenings or a weekend.

The benefits of doing HypnoBirthing are so great that I want to ensure that noone misses out when they don't have to. By simply releasing all your fears about birth and accompanying  increase in your confidence and knowledge about labour and birth will in themselves transform your own birth experience.  Then you have the breathing and relaxation techniques to use at every stage.  These will serve to skyrocket your ability to enjoy birth as it should be - uncontrived, natural, gentle and relaxed. 

Don't hesitate any longer, just get in touch.... I'll be delighted to help and support you


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