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I recently taught HypnoBirthing to a mum who had a low lying placenta when she signed up for the programme.  This is fairly common during pregnancy and the good news is that placentas can easily move out of the way, leaving the entrance of the cervix clear and a natural birth possible. 
Using visualisation and effective positioning and posture, you can assist your placenta to move into the right position in time for the birth.  If a low-lying placenta is making you hestitate over whether it is worth doing the HypnoBirthing programme then I would advise that this is absolutely every reason to do the classes.  Placentas have plenty of opportunity to move as the uterus grows and expands during pregnancy. By using visualisation and affirmations that focus on the placenta moving to an appropriate position to enable a natural birth, you will be engaging the power of your mind and body to support this happening.

Of course, for the small minority of mums who do end up needing to have a c-section for whatever medical reason, HypnoBirthing provides them with the support and tools required during pregnancy and to enable them to remain relaxed, calm, fully informed and confident through out labour and birth. It is so important to know that the HypnoBirthing skills and knowledge you have acquired do not go out the window  if the need for a section or other medical intervention arises.  They are there to support you regardless and very effectively too.

If this or a similar situation applies to you and you would like to discuss this in more detail with me, I'd be delighted to hear from you.  Contact me for a chat or by email using the details on my contact page.



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