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  1. I came across this on Facebook and had to share it here because for me, it sums up so well what a mother's love really means ;)

    In 30 years from now it won't make a difference how much money I had, what kind of care I drove, or what clothes I wear.  What matters most is that I made a difference in the life of my child and that they remember a mother who raised them right and loved them unconditionally

    (Source: Worldwide Mamas, Treadmill Doctor)

  2. Let's face it, being a parent is absolutely amazing. It is frequently feels as though we just don't have a moment to gather ourselves or take a breather amidst the chaos and demands from our little cherubs... at least not until they are safely tucked up in bed :)!  Even then, our heads often feel so full of traffic - thoughts about the day , thoughts about the future, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts just whizzing around making it really difficult to switch off and truly relax.

    Do you ever wish you could just turn the dial down on all that internal chatter just for a few moments when you feel that you need it most?  I know I often have done - in fact, I always have done - I just didn't realise that there was a really simple way to do it. Then I discovered mindfulness - a practise of just stopping for a few seconds to just notice, just to be in the present moment.... to be curious about my thoughts and feelings without judging them , without acting on them or making decisions..... just noticing what they are, how my body feels and letting the thoughts go.  As I do this I focus on one thing, usually my breathing, and as I breathe through the nose and out through the mouth (or nose),  I bring my full attention to the sensation of breathing in and out. Every time my thoughts take over, I notice them  and bring my focus back to my breathing.

    Being mindful for just 3 minutes or just a few seconds several times a day-  is so beneficial - it calms the mind and body, reduces stressful emotions, improves sleep quality and helps you get topside of your thoughts.  In those moments of calm, it can help you rework any problems or overcome challenges  that your mind may have been struggling with previously. Most importantly, these precious moments can help us feel sane again while we are juggling so many different balls in the air as parents and adults.

    I'll be doing lots more blogs on mindfulness with plenty of tips on how to start to use it as a daily practise- you only need a few moments anytime.

    Suffice to say, I incorporate mindfulness and my experience and learnings of it, as a key component within my Hypnotherapy sessions and during my HypnoBirthing classes - the calm breathing method is a perfect starting point and all the clients and couples I teach agree that it is one of the most beneficial and insightful parts of the course.

    If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch on 01709 875521




  3. Welcome to all the new babies who arrived in the last couple of months whose parents I have shared HypnoBirthing with. I look forward to following your progress after the calm, gentle start to life that you received during your time in the womb and during your birth.

    I look forward to sharing your stories with other parents, looking to find the best way to birth for themselves and their babies and am sure your experiences of my HypnoBirthing  classes and your memorable births will inspire them too

    Wishing all couples I have taught, past, present and future every happiness and joy in 2015

    Clare x