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  1. Welcome to the world, baby George Quinn Durdy!

    Parents Helen and James tell me they are over the moon following George's safe arrival.  George was born at Doncaster Hospital last Monday using the HypnoBirthing techniques which apparently worked "brilliantly".  Helen was able to have a water birth too which made the whole event even more special.  George is settling peacefully into life at home with mummy and daddy and pet doggy, Bruno.

    Further testiment to the fact that HB works and is a wonderful start to life for our babies and a calm, uplifting way to strat motherhood for mums!

  2. When I was deciding to enrol in the HypnoBirthing Programme, and whenever I speak to a prospective customer, one of the decisions to be made is usually whether to book onto  private or group classes. From experience, I can honestly say that it really is a matter of personal preference and both ways offer great benefits.  As a practitioner, I love teaching both groups at a great venue or individual couples in their own home.  Private courses are more intimate, involving one-on-one coaching and support.  I have been so touched by the warm welcome I have received from the couples I have delivered HypnoBirthing classes to in the comfort of their own homes.  It is a joy to witness their confidence and sense of inner calm grow over the duration of the course.

    Group sessions have their own wonderful advantages- that great sense of camaraderie, mutual support and sharing of ideas, views and experiences.  All this and the possibility of forming friendships that last long beyond the length of the course.  I love the way that confidence in birth grows with each class and in a group setting, you can really feel the transformation in the room- a very positive boost for everyone present.

    I offer both group and private classes on an ongoing basis - simply contact me for an informal chat to discuss class start dates and times. I aim to be as flexible as possible to work around other demands on your time.  Weekends, evenings and daytime courses are all possible.

    I look forward to our chat