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Our HypnoBirthing® Story by Clare Moore

When I was pregnant the first time around I can honestly say that I was really afraid of what I’d been told about birth. I found giving birth to be an incredibly painful, traumatic ordeal.

While pregnant with my second baby, by chance I discovered HypnoBirthing®- the Mongan Method. Both Carl, my husband and I were initially sceptical (after all it did sound a bit too good to be true). But so many families seemed to have had such positive birthing experiences with HypnoBirthing and the course content seemed so thorough that we decided to try it for ourselves.

From very early on, we were able to completely dismiss our misguided preconceptions about hypnosis and by gaining a full understanding of the aims and focus of HypnoBirthing , I already felt so much more relaxed about giving birth. My husband was starting to take a real interest too, thank goodness.

The HB tools and techniques that I learned enabled me to release all my fears and stress about birth and my experiences the first time around.  This time, I was able to develop complete confidence in my body and its ability to birth safely and more easily. I was taught how to relax quickly, deeply and easily. 

This enabled me to slow down, to give myself time to get fully in tune with being pregnant, listening to my body and bonding with my baby.  My husband who had said that he felt like a helpless bystander during our first son's birth, was this time becoming an essential support to me in the process of preparing for the birth.

I was very relaxed during my pregnancy and very excited about the birth which I would otherwise have been dreading.

When labour started I felt completely calm, comfortable and in control. We discussed our birth plan with the midwives as we settled into our room on arrival at the hospital.  Carl did most of the talking to enable me to focus on relaxing and letting go just as I had been taught.  The midwives were very supportive and respectful of our choices and wishes.  They did their utmost to accomodate our needs and requests whilst we respected their professional wisdom and guidance as medical care givers looking after the welfare of our baby and me.

We made our birthing room as personal to us as possible with soft relaxation music playing, and part-drawing the window blinds to create softer more subdued lighting.  Carl put copies of my favourite birth affirmations on the wall and a framed family photo on the bedside cabinet. Familiarity of sounds and visual items really helped me to feel "at home" very quickly.  I used the HypnoBirthing techniques that I had learned in class from beginning to end and Carl used the birth companion methods that he had learned to support me.  I found the light touch massage, visualisation and  special breathing techniques particularly helpful in reaching a deep level of relaxation quickly and easily.  All the practise of the HB tools and techniques that I had loved to do during my pregnancy in order to fully prepare for birth really did pay off at this point.  As for Carl, he really enjoyed having such an active role in the birth this time around and it helped me so much. 

HypnoBirthing enabled me to give birth confidently, calmly and gently .  There were a couple of moments during the birthing phase when it did feel like hard work but the overriding feeling was one of great pressure rather than pain.  Even during these moments, I remained calm, composed and in control.  The deep relaxation techniques enabled me to deeply relax and go into my zone for much of my labour, entirely focused on my breathing, my body and my baby.  Time passed so quickly during these periods.  Such a different scenario from my first experience of birth when I was contorted in pain and yelling out for it to,please, soon be over.

Our  son, Zachary, was born at 16.43 hours weighing 7lbs 10oz.  Afterwards, we were totally elated at what we had experienced.  I had been absolutely exhausted and fairly traumatised after birthing Jacob, my first baby but this time I felt really energised and really well both during and after the birth.

Straight after the birth, little Zachary was placed on me and then on Carl as we experienced  a wonderful skin-on-skin bonding with our newborn, as recommended by the programme.  The room was warm, soft music continued to play, voices were kept lowered or at a whisper and the lighting in the room remained subdued. The cord was not cut until after it had stopped pulsating and Zachary had become accustomed to breathing by himself.  This was such a peaceful, secure welcoming for our beautiful little boy and such a gentle transition from the womb into the world for him. 

Zachary is such a relaxed, contented little person too and we are both convinced that this is no coincidence.  His birth was the talk of the labour ward – the midwives were really supportive throughout and very impressed. 

From first-hand experience I can  honestly say that the HypnoBirthing programme is incredible.  I can wholeheartedly recommend it to EVERY pregnant woman, their birth partner and their baby whatever their current preconceptions, beliefs or prior experiences of birth.  It is my dream that every woman is made fully aware that this gentle, reliable, natural birthing method is a real option that is readily available for them to choose.

As a result of our wonderful experience of  HypnoBirthing  and my years of training and coaching expertise (for more on this, please see About Me web page), I was inspired to qualify as a HypnoBirthing® Practitioner and Childbirth Educator. I am now fully committed to helping mums-to-be, their partners and babies to know the absolute joy of experiencing a calm, gentle easier and more comfortable birth like myself and Zachary had through the HypnoBirthing® classes that I teach in Rotherham and  across South Yorkshire and beyond.

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