HypnoBirthing Origins & Growth  HypnoBirthing Origins & Growth 
HypnoBirthing® Origins & Growth (continued)

The HB programme is based on the philosophy that

  • All babies should enter the world in a calm, gentle and joyful way and
  • That severe pain does not have to accompany normal labour and birth.

Based on Dr Grantley Dick-Read's teachings, Marie Mongan believes that when we release fear and negative thoughts which many women associate with childbirth and when our bodies are sufficiently relaxed we are able to experience a gentle, easier and comfortable birth. HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method explodes the myth of pain as a natural part of childbirth.

Having grown hugely in popularity in the UK over more than 2 decades and with its popularity increasing all the time, the HypnoBirthing® programme is currently being extensively trialled by the NHS in a hospital in Lancashire with 800 mums-to-be and their birth partners participating.

Known throughout the world and with a presence in 34 countries, including large contingencies in Australia and Canada, HypnoBirthing is currently approved in hundreds of hospitals across the UK and in the US. It is taught in many major hospitals from Harvard Van Guard, Princeton, and Dartmouth in the US to Korea and Turkey, and China. HypnoBirthing® has a large presence in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Iceland (almost all of the midwives in Iceland are certified in HypnoBirthing), and a growing number of practitioners are being certified in Spain. The HypnoBirthing® text, specific to the programme, has been translated and published in French, Hungarian, English (as distinct from Americanised English), Maylaysian and is currently being translated into Spanish and Turkish.

The programme’s  content and ongoing development is underpinned by many years of dedicated and in-depth research and refinement by its founder Marie Mongan and the HypnoBirthing® Institute.  The ongoing first-hand experiences of the programme by thousands of HypnoBirthing families in the UK and internationally have significantly influenced the high quality and content of the programme.

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