Replacing Fear with Confidence & Calm

"You will come to understand that
when your mind is free of fear and tension,
your body can be free of pain
and will function as it was created to do."

Marie Mongan, HypnoBirthing, 1992

How HypnoBirthing® Works (continued)

Replacing Fear with Confidence & Calm

Regular ante-natal classes inform you of the range of drugs and medical interventions available to help you cope with the expected pain of labour and birth. Other birth hypnosis programmes teach techniques to mask the pain. The HypnoBirthing® (HB) programme goes so much further than this.  It starts from the premise that severe pain does not have to be the normal experience of normal women at all during normal labour and birth.

HypnoBirthing® begins by teaching you  and your partner the physiology of the body and mind and how they affect labour and birthYou learn exactly

  • why labour and birth can hurt so much  
  • why  and how this does not have to be your own experience

HypnoBirthing® teaches how, when the mind is free from fear and the body is sufficiently relaxed, the muscular layers of the uterus remain fully oxygenated, relaxed, and are able to function as nature intended, working in harmony during active labour to gently open and thin the cervix with each uterine surge(contraction) in readiness for the birthing stage itself.

In this calm state, mum's experience could not be more different from that where the  fear  causes her body to go into a state of defense, where oxygenated blood is diverted away from the uterus causing the muscles to constrict and tighten and severe pain and a long, difficult labour and birth to be her experience. 

When calm and sufficiently relaxed, the body is free to function in the same well-designed way that it does for all other animal mothers during the labour and birth of their offspring.  In this state the release of endorphins, the body's own natural relaxant and pain killer (200 times more powerful than morphine!) serves to increase the body and mind's profound state of relaxation still further and the sense of euphoria often experienced as labour advances.

The HB programme is unique and comprehensive, combining education on birth and parenting with the teaching of several key HypnoBirthing® techniques to recondition and fully prepare both the mind and body to enable a relaxed, much more comfortable and joyful birth than would otherwise be possible.

The simple and very effective techniques taught during each class and then practised by you include:

  • Special breathing techniques to help with labour and birth
  • Instant and deep relaxation techniques ( enhanced by self-hypnosis)
  • Visualisations
  • Birth affirmations
  • Massage techniques
  • Physical exercises and guidance on posture and nutrition to prepare the body for birth
  • Natural induction techniques to help labour to start

With HypnoBirthing® you will be able release all your fears and harmful emotions associated with labour and birth, no matter where they come from. Empowered with renewed confidence from everything you learn, you will be able to look foward to and experience the birth of your baby with relaxed enthusiasm and  joy. 

The programme will enable you and your partner to build a deep bond with your unborn baby, something of huge importance to his or her conscious development in the womb as you will discover during your classes.

By mastering the art of quickly and easily achieving a level of deep relaxation- the perfect state of mind and body during labour and birth - you will greatly reduce or even totally eliminate both the pain you experience and also the need to have drugs or medical intervention.

HypnoBirthing does not over-complicate birth.  The opposite in fact.  The programme  is designed to help you and your partner to trust in the simplicity of birth itself, to learn how to relax quickly and use your natural birthing instincts to work effectively with your  body and baby.  Thus helping you to enjoy a safe, calm, more comfortable birth whilst feeling in control and energised throughout.

Being able to meet those challenging early days of motherhood feeling physically and mentally at your best rather than being traumatised or simply exhausted from the birth is incredibly helpful to say the least.  This is all completely achievable with HypnoBirthing because, quite simply, it works!

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A Video Introduction to HypnoBirthing®

This introduction looks at why HypnoBirthing® is necessary, where it comes from and what it can achieve. Of interest to parents and healthcare providers alike:

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